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Welcome to the

West Sussex MG Owners’ Club

  A club based in the Worthing area for all those owning, enjoying or simply sharing our interest in MG cars.

The Members’ Area of the WSMGOC website is designed to allow members to share photographs and information about themselves. We hope that this will help members put names to faces, quickly identify areas of common interest and be of particular help to those new to the club.

An example of the layout and content of the members’ area can be seen by clicking here.  

Access to the Members’ Area is restricted to authorized users only. A userid and password are required, and the site will not display the members’ area until a valid response is given.

Whilst this will give effective protection from casual browsers, it must be acknowledged that a determined technically competent hacker could probably gain access. However, we’re not suggesting that any sensitive information be displayed here.

If you would like to share details about yourself with other members, please send them to  

Ideally, you should include :-

Participation in this is of course entirely optional. If you’d prefer not to be included, or perhaps keep your email and ‘phone number private, that’s fine.   

To visit the Members’ Area  click here

You will be prompted for your userid and password.

Members’ Area